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Android TV Box - The necessity of Family

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With the developed economy, material needs and economic foundation, at the present, are not the important index to measure happiness, the harmony, health and pleasure of family receive more and more importance and recognition. The report of Chinese family happiness index shows that, about 35% people rate 70-80 grades, saying they are enjoying the middle level of family happiness; about 25% people mark 80-90 grades, expressing they have a distinct feeling of family happiness; choosing perfectly happy, the percentage the people who grade 90-100 for their family happiness is only 10%.




Then what is family happiness? Everyone may have different understanding for happiness.. However, each happy family needs people to operate with heart. The operation is not only material but also mental: developing common interest and hobbies, creating good atmosphere, which is the beginning of a happy family. In the era of smart life, another way to measure happy family is to use technology to build the family bridge and let technology to explain new happiness index. The TV box, designed delicately for family care and suitable for sharing family pleasure, now is using technology to maintain and interpret the happy family.




Home is a gathering place for family, home is a life inn where people are honest to each other. When you feel tired and exhausted, home is your forever resting place. This is the happiness of home. The premise to build a happy family is to make every family member to be joyful. The Android TV box is a family sharing circle, through which family could share photos, words and videos to let remote family get together before the TV. Technology shortens the distance, making relatives have the feeling of family warm and care.




Family needs care and operation. Family needs to be warmed with affection and love, then happiness will grow and flourish like spring grass. Lovely children learn and grow via the preschool learning section of the box. There are abundant contents of early childhood education, the parents could select suitable learning contents for their children. Taught through lively activities, children could actively learn the cartoon music and grasp lots of knowledge without any notice.



Children are the future of a family, parents are the core of a family. There are still responsibility and duty existing on our parents, but it’s the duty of every child to let old parents to enjoy life happily. Our TV box offers designed TV channels for parents, like, Peking Opera, crosstalk and short play, health wellness, the franco-prussian program, emotional mediation. Affluent healthy and entertainment video resource make parents and and family enjoy the great joy.




Home is a microcosm of the wild world, home is an element of social composition. Care family with love,use technology to build family bridge and Android TV box to feel the joy of family.

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