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2016 Hong Kong Global Source Electronics Fair

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2016 Hong Kong Global Source Electronics Fair

The fair ended, our exhibition team returned with gains. As a new staff of Shenzhen EC Technology, I felt very honored and pleased to accompany with our team to join this International Fair. Although my colleague told me about the fair before, i didnt participate. After this experience, I have many thoughts and feelings to share with all of you.

1. Crowded Atmosphere

The first day, we reached the fair hall at 12:00pm. Every company was decorating his booth attentively.

During the fair, bustling crowds came and went, they paid much attention to the booth which interested them and talked with the staff. Its said that the exhibition viewers reached more than a hundred thousand.

When the fair closed at 6:00pm every day, many people walked out of the fair hall, which caused traffic jam. This scene reminded me of the situation of Shenzhen Metro when commuter time.

2. Splendid Booth

For many exhibitors, attending fairs is a common thing. Companies put more

emphasis on fairs. Thats because attending fair could help them get touch with more accurate and professional clients, which is hard to accomplish on the Internet. Therefore, it is more important to decorate splendid booths to attract potential clients. Besides, the luxurious booth could fully present the corporate image.

3. Creative promotion skills

To gather popularity, many exhibitors came up with lots of methods. In many booths, there were beautiful models posing elegant gestures with some props, this caused exhibition viewers gathered and took photos. In other ways, some exhibitors sent free gifts( like balloon, magazines, and calendars, etc) with companies logo and info to advertise their companies and products.

4. Professional Working Personnel

    Many exhibitors, especially these with splendid booths, their working personnel present professional quality, wear uniforms, and offer considerate service, which leaves a impression of corporate reputation and professional service to exhibition viewers.

5. Foreign Exhibition Viewers

As an international fair, the exhibition viewers come from all around the world.

What I learned from this fair is oral English is not the most important to do foreign business, because for many exhibition viewers, their mother tongues are not English. What they care more are the products, the price, the quality, etc. So if you cannot speak English fluently, dont worry, be grave, make more communication and practice with foreigners.

6. About EC

For EC, this fair was very successful. With decorated booth,

EC provided viewers with a warm environment. And the working personnel kept enthusiasm and high morale in the three days. Many viewers came to visit our booth, showed intensive interest, and bought the samples after our patient introduction. This is a inspire for our company.

I believe in the near future, the products of EC could stand the challenge from the foreign market and own a new field in the global market.

Although the fair ended, the spirit of EC, perseverance, creative, devotion, will always stay. We conclude by heart, encourage our strengths, learn others merits, pay more attention to our mistakes and avoid them next time. We are trying to build a perfect EC.