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Corporate culture is formed gradually in the course of development. It is the mission, vision, purpose, spirit, values and business philosophy recognized and complied by all employees and with the Organization's characteristics, and the summation of these ideas in the practice of production and management , management System, employee behavior and corporate image’s. In the course of development, Shenzhen EC Technology formed a unique corporate culture gradually by absorbing the Chinese nation's excellent traditional culture and the essence of modern Western management thinking .

Corporate values of Shenzhen EC technology Co; ltd:

1.To be a faithful team,to work a sincere thing

To activate employees potential and energize their talents for building a harmonious working environment that encourages trust, self-development and teamwork for the whole company.

2.Keep good reputation is much more valuable compared with money. Good Reputation is always our first choice for any deal.

3.Focus on the quality and all else will follow.To make effective product to impress client.

4.To be a creator more than a follower. We create unique product for big brand company or offer solution system service to the group.

5.Good Ideas is much more important than a high-class pattern/diploma.

Create an innovative products to improve their competitive pattern. Great just isn't good enough.

6.The sincere message is foundation of conducting self,Base of starting one's career

7.A friendship founded on business is better than business founded on friendship

Seven habits of high-efficiency persons:

Be Proactive

Begin With the End in Mind

Put First Things First

Think Win-Win

Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood


Sharpening the Saw